Friday, August 13, 2010

I should really be packing....

Yes, I should really be packing up the house. We're getting there, but, BOY! It has been a pain in the arse. I really hate moving, but since marrying my studly Mr. Right, we have moved 8 times. I should be a pro, right? I'm not. I'm a wreck. This whole moving thing has gotten harder since having three kids. Not to mention the dogs, who were having kittens watching me pack up all their stuff from "their" cabinet in the laundry room this morning. Good grief.

I have been thinking about all the things I will miss about our house here in Lyons (in no particular order):

1. The views. We have 360-degree views from my house. Everwhere we look is something beautiful to behold.

2. The garden. We spent HOURS and hours getting my little garden just right last summer. Deer-proofing, rabbit and dog-proofing. I've got little strawberries and rosemary that I'm leaving behind.

3. The stars. We're moving into the city, which means city lights. Oh, the hours that Mr. Right and I sat in the hot tub, just watching the stars...looking for constellations, marveling at shooting stars, and counting satellites. I spent another bit of time last night outside on our deck, just trying to soak them all in.

4. The space. This house is in a neighborhood where everyone has around 1 acre of land that their home sits on. It's refreshing to see space between the houses. Our kids only had to go out the back door to go on an adventure.

I could go on and on, but really, as I've been packing, I've also been thinking of all the things I WON'T be missing about leaving this place. The mice. The snakes. The spiders. The bunnies. The lizards. The bobcats. The coyotes. The calls of mountain lions. The wind -'s bad. The pot smoke wafting over from the neighbor's backyard every night.

As hard as it is to move, I am excited to see where God is leading my little family. We're moving in with my generous parents, and Mr. Right is starting a Law Enforcement Academy next week. We feel like we are on the verge of something...something big. I can't wait to find out what it is!!

Now I have to go pack up all the clothes for move number 9....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Under Construction...pardon our dust!

It has been one and a half years since I have set foot inside this place. My cute little header is gone, and so is my nifty little background. I have seriously let this place go!!

It's not the only place in my life I've sort of let slip by the way-side. We are currently in the process of packing up all of our worldly goods, in order for us to move out. So, I have been seeing the dark deep places that no man, woman, or child have ventured into for a loooooonnng time. My apologies for my sweet friend Jody who came over and got to see all kinds of mouse doodies when she was helping me pack up my kitchen. I did notice that she sent my children into the scariest cabinets. She's no fool!

I will finish some remodeling here, tidy it up, decorate a bit and invite everyone back in.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Yes! I can't believe it. My baby turned 3 years old yesterday. My sweet one. Jeremy says she's a mini me. I can only take it as a complement because she is beautiful!! Beautiful brown hair and blue eyes...oh, and those little ringlets!

I will spare you the details of her birth...mostly because I don't remember much of it. I think there was super-low blood pressure and and oxygen mask involved...but other than that? I was in the hospital for less than 24 hours from induction to leaving. Nothing like having no health insurance, huh?!

Now, I know you're going to look at her cake here and wonder, "A Carrot? Really?" (Okay, I have to work for a minute to get this picture formatted to take her name off the first! I'll post it soon...)

Well, yes....really! I asked A for a week what she wanted her birthday cake to be, and her only reply was a carrot. Not carrot cake (thankfully! EW!), but she wanted there to be a carrot on it. So, Daddy obliged.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Want a Hippopotomous for Christmas

Okay, I'm not (too) ashamed to say that my favorite non-religious Christmas song is this one. I just had to share it....The radio NEVER plays it, at least that I've heard.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl

Today is E's birthday (well, it was when I originally wrote this on 12/11...). Just like many moms in my situation, I woke up this morning thinking of the first time I got to see her face!! Wow! What a miracle. I also woke up thinking of the events that lead - very quickly - to our first introduction. I'll save you all the gorey details (like my water breaking in the car on the way down Boulder Canyon...or that I was only in the hospital about 45 minutes before E appeared') But I will tell you that part of it included a one-eyed Irish Medical Technician wheeling me up to the 3rd floor of the hospital, all the while crooning to me in his Celtic lilt, "It'll be alright dear...just breathe through it love...we're almost there now..." I will also tell you that I was in the hospital for less than 60 minutes before she appeared, and we went home less than 24 hours later.

There was nothing ordinary about her just stands to reason that there is nothing ordinary about that girl either! As you know from a previous post, she is a dearheart...but she's also courageous and creative. She is constantly drawing on her magna-doodle, or creating crayon masterpieces. She loves Dora the Explorer, her white blankie, and singing. She also wants to be a superhero. So, naturally, she wanted a superhero cake. When I asked what superhero she wanted on the cake, she said, "Super Me"!

I responded, "You want a Super E birthday cake?"

"Yes. Red and blue. With rocket boots."

So, my darling girl, you got your cake. It's a good thing Daddy decorated it...who knows what you would have gotten if I would have ended up in charge!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Tribute to my Girl

I need to shout it out loud and clear. My 2nd child, my "I'm-4-next-week" little girl is awesome. All my kids are great, but let me tell you about E.

I woke up yesterday morning with the biggest, nastiest migrane headache I have ever had. It only got worse as the day went on. I was supposed to drive into Boulder to pick up something from Jeremy, but called him to say I couldn't even see straight. It's a miracle that I got J to school and the rest of us back in one piece. I frankly can't remember how it happened. But it did. Thank you God!

I went to bed as soon as we walked back in the door from school drop-off. I "turned on" the Babysitter with strict instructions to the girls to be good. Over the next hour, I heard bangs, I heard clangs, I heard E saying, "No A! That's naughty!" I yelled, I pleaded...finally E came to tell me that she was cleaning up A's mess. I said thank you, and things quieted down.

Thankfully, and to my great surprise, my Hero arrived home from work a few minutes later, with a can of soup, crackers, and grapes. He's awesome...but this post is not about him. (Although he certainly does deserve it!!) It turns out that E was indeed cleaning up A's mess. My little stinker of a 2 year old girl, somehow, got the butter out of the fridge and proceeded to butter the kitchen floor...the cabinets...and my little handi-vac. Nice, huh? When Jeremy walked in the door, weilding his shield and armor to come save the day, he witnessed first hand, my sweet, wonderful E wiping up the mess.

That little darling knew I felt horrible. She knew that A was very naughty. She didn't even come and tell on her sister (small miracle!). In her sweet caring way, she was taking care of her mommy. I am SO proud of her. I call her "little mama", because she sincerely cares about others. She wants to help when someone doesn't feel good, or when someone is sad. More than once, when something has touched my heart - for good or bad - and my tears are flowing, a small warm hand is on my face, saying, "It's okay mommy". Wow. I don't deserve this wonderful little girl!

Please, Dear God, Please! Protect her sweet and wonderful heart. Help us mold her innocent compassion and kindness to continue to reflect Yours. Let us not trample her tender spirit! Most of all...THANK YOU for my sweet daughter. Please bless her as she grows!

Okay, lest I sound as if I'm playing favorites...let me assure anyone who may stumble upon my thoughts...I love all of my children. They each have wonderful and noteworthy characteristics. I will plan on sharing more about each of them at a later time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Potties

Well, yes, I thought I'd treat you all...all of my what, zero, avid readers out there to my thoughts from today. Yes, it has been months since I posted anything, but Hey...I've not been thinking very creatively lately. I'll just take what I can get!

Today I took my 3 kiddos to the Pumpkin Patch ( Yes. All by myself! (Jeremy is out hunting the Great Wild Antlered Elk this week, so I'm single-momin' it) We really had a great time: We looked at the goats(I really want a Pygmy Goat!!); we looked at the chickens (I am so glad we don't have any anymore!!); we rode out to the pumpkin patch to pick out a nice sized, overly priced, warty pumpkin to take home. And, we only had a couple of disciplinary issues, so all in all, it was good.

I did experience a couple of moments of anxiety centered around the provided "facilities". Let me start by saying that I hate Port-o-lets. Port-a-john, sani-privy, port-a-san, porta-potty, tidy john, John To Go, toi-toi, (and my personal favorite) sh*t-shack. I hate 'em all. They're disgusting, putrid, nasty, and stinky, and often one leaves the potty wagon with an education in gutter-minded limericks. However, this post is not a rant about plastic outhouses.

We took two trips to the lovely orange potties during our visit to the farm. I almost didn't take the children to the farm for this very reason. I have a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a 2 year old. We don't all fit in these cabinets together. When we're out and about, we always go for the handicapped stall where I can keep an eye on them all. (It's our "special" place to practice the ABC's & 123's! I digress....) Well, they don't have the ADA approved handicapped johns at the farm.

So, what's a mom to do? Hold it for hours and hours? I don't think so. In my need, I spoke very seriously, and very quickly, to my eldest son, to watch over his sisters while I was otherwise "indisposed". I told him to scream and yell and go crazy if someone tried to touch them or whatever. I don't remember exactly what I said...I wasn't thinking too clearly at the moment...those bright orange cubicles were looking mighty inviting at the moment. Once in the potty, I began thinking over my instructions to my son. I began imagining what I would actually do if he did, in fact, start screaming his head off. Really! Would I finish my "business", tidy myself up and step out the box gracefully to save my children? I'm so glad that my son didn't decide that the moment was ripe to play a joke on mom. I would have burst out, pants down, with all of my glory hanging out. Wouldn't you?? I flatter myself that the mere sight of this mama bear busting out of the den to save her precious cubs while in a state of undress would stop the would-be evil doer in their tracks. Perhaps it would just shock the surrounding onlookers into a state of disbelief, that while I tripped over my pants, the villain would take off.....

Well anyway, I'm just glad that scenario didn't play out in larger-than-life reality...for more than saving my delicate ego the humiliation. I'm just glad that my children are safe and were only an arm's length away from me while I was cloistered. But, I have to say, I will be writing a letter to Anderson Farms requesting one or two of the family-sized sh*t-shacks (sorry! couldn't resist) for those of us Moms that are brave enough to bring our young brood to their establishment by themselves!

P.S....did you know I LOVE potty humor??